Migrate your SQL Server Workloads to PostgreSQL: Quick Reference – Second Edition

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The First Edition of this book was released in May 2020, about two and a half years ago. Since its release, I received many responses to the book, with most of the reviews and responses being positive. While most readers praised the coverage of the topics, a few called out missing pieces like coverage of PostgreSQL basics, Cloud options and Security. This Second Edition aims to address those concerns and also fixes few errors and rephrases few confusing or misleading terms and phrases reported in the First Edition. With the addition of Chapter 2, this book enables those who are completely new to PostgreSQL to start the migration journey.

Remember that this is not a full fledged book, it is rather intended to be a quick reference (hence the change in title) and a ready reckoner for anyone who is planning to start or are half-way through their migration journey. Also remember that this is a self published book from a first-time author. I have no publisher, no editorial team, no reviewers and no graphics artist or cover designer. I had to do everything myself.

The Second Edition has four new chapters that cover the missing topics reported by readers of the First Edition and a few other important topics.
Chapter 1: Getting started
Chapter 2: Introduction to PostgreSQL New Icon
Chapter 3: Platform Comparison
Chapter 4: The Migration Process
Chapter 5: PostgreSQL on Cloud/PaaSNew Icon
Chapter 6: Monitoring and High Availability
Chapter 7: SecurityNew Icon
Chapter 8: Migration tipsNew Icon

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