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About Me

Technology Evangelist and Inventor (Patent Holder) with over 20 years of hands-on software architecture and engineering experience. A strong believer in Lean Architecture and Lean Development, a Code Reuse champion and an Automation Expert.

Cloud Architect with hands-on expertise in migrating Enterprise On-prem Applications and Services to full AWS stack using Life-and-shift method, Cloud-Native and Serverless Computing strategies.

Database Expert with hands-on experience in designing, developing and migrating enterprise solutions using Relational Databases like SQL Server, PostgreSQL Oracle, AWS RDS and Aurora and NoSQL Databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis & Hazelcast.

Coding Guru with hands-on experience in OOP and Scripting Languages and expertise in GoF Design Patterns, Anti-Patterns, SOLID and GRASP principles and a proponent of writing Clean, Robust, Secure and Reusable code.

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