Book: Migrating your SQL Server Workloads to PostgreSQL

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This concise Book is intended to be a ready reference and a checklist for migrating your databases, applications and services from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL and discusses all the important information you need to be aware of before beginning a migration project.

This Book is divided into four chapters:
Chapter 1: Getting Started
1. Introduction to Open Source Software, its advantages and disadvantages
2. Moving from Licensed software to Open Source software
3. Basics and the history of Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL
4. Choosing the right PostgreSQL Edition and Version for your needs
5. Production, Development & Testing Workloads
6. On-Premise vs Cloud comparison
Chapter 2: Platform Comparison
1. In-depth comparison of SQL Server and PostgreSQL
2. Concurrency Control
3. Database Structure comparison
4. Feature comparison
5. Data Type Mapping
6. Built-In Functions and Operators
7. SQL Syntax differences
8. Areas where PostgreSQL has an edge
9. Areas where SQL Server has an edge
10. GUI Client Tools
Chapter 3: The Actual Migration
1. Schema migration
2. Data migration
3. Code migration
4. ETL/ELT Tools
5. Reporting Platforms
6. Analytics Platforms
7. Scheduling Options
8. Application/Services Migration
Chapter 4: Maintenance and Monitoring
1. Maintenance and Monitoring
2. High Availability, Load Balancing, and Replication
3. Environment Stabilization via Parallel Deployment